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Vouchers for an Abseiling Experience

Vouchers for Abseiling Derbyshire make an excellent present! A gift that is completely different and so simple to do!

Select the number of people who will be going on the experience and buy the voucher. This will then be emailed to you and can be used any time with the next 12 months.

To use it, the recipient simply has to phone us up to book their experience at a date and time to suit them (subject to availability) and quote their voucher number. Nothing could be simpler!

Group Size
How many people, in total, will be in the group?
I agree...
Tick this box to indicate that you agree to our terms and conditions (see below).

Terms and Conditions

We keep the price as low as possible for you by creating a simple to run operation that does not require office and admin time. For that reason we have just four basic terms and conditions.

  1. We can abseil in almost all weathers. If the predicted weather is going to make the abseil unsafe, this is our professional decision, we will contact the voucher holder immediately to discuss an alternative date.
  2. If there is a need to postpone or change a date a £20 admin fee will be charged. The change will not be made until we receive the payment on-line.
  3. We will not reschedule a date if the voucher holder does not turn up for the booked session.
  4. This voucher has no monetary value and cannnot be exchanged for cash.

Dogs policy

We are not anti dog but they do cause a problem at the bridge. All dogs must be kept on a lead and with a member of your group at all times. Leaving a dog tied up on the railings while you abseil is not acceptable as the dogs do not understand what's happening and panic or bark creating a nuisance to other bridge users, walkers, cyclists and above all, is a distraction to the instructor. Please make provision for the care and comfort of your best and most loyal friend!